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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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time, and don't forget, log on to the shep page, your world with neil cavuto is next. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> you are looking live at the sports illustrated swim suit model ringing the closing bell. coincidence that i'm back and they're back here? we think not. >> i'm back, and apparently not a moment too soon. just a couple of weeks i'm gone and already the wheels are coming off. it's one thing -- it's another for nancy pelosi to deny there even is a steadiness or for the president to be planning now, compounding the spending mess. they won't save us from washington. i guess it's time for me, as if i'm not busy enough, to save us from washington because, relax,
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america you spending superhero is back. >> the sports illustrated model. they go nuts with that. anyway, yes, ladies, but even though under the weather, i'm loaded for bear. my doctors advise me i was coming back too soon, but sometimes the superhero has to do what a superhero has to do. left me no choice, washington, not when the nation others future is at stake. and the president of the united states is planning to throttle down. it's time to yours truly to speak up. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil.
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i heard nancy pelosi say this herself. >> it is almost false argument to say we have a spending problem. >> i shot up out of bed and had to hear it again. >> it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. >> false argument in you don't have to be a superhero to know that is super bunk and super dangerous. it's a bold-faced lie because when you spend a trillion bucks more than your taking in, that is a spending problem. you can call it strategic investment so not to cause alarm but that's a spending problem. when you're adding more than $3 million to that each and every day, doing nothing, that's a spending problem. the roughly two weeks i have been out -- and admit it, you missed me -- that is more than 55 billion bucks deeper in the
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hole. the former speaker dismisses that, and president obama says as much, and tomorrow he is expected to say much more. and proving the government and at the rate it is going, it is going to break all of that. but not if this superhero has anything to say about it. >> anyway, the colorado state treasurer who believes very much in the superhero but is very concerned about the not so superheroics going on in washington. always good to have you. what do you make of this? >> well, neil, welcome back. can give you 15-1/2 trillion reasons why we do have a spending problem. but beyond a spending problem we have a pelosi problem. what i mean by that is we have a collective ignorance on the part of legislative leaders and the presidents a economic advisedders who do not have any kind of business experience, even recognize this is a threat, huge threat, and if you look -- what do people do when they're
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confronted with the threat? in the private sector, they diagnosis the problem, map it out, and then work to fix the problem -- >> not if they don't see it as a problem. they -- itch the issue is, we see the debt and the deficit, we could address it by just hiking taxes. the underlying spenting isn't the problem. maybe not enough revenue is. >> the problem its we're run out of revenue payers. the amount of people on subsidies is far outpacing the amount of people to tax, and the dangerous cob sequence -- we've seen the consequence of washington not coming up with policy formulations in a pro-active way. we're still discussing social security solvency, which is pathetic. still trike to figure out how to pay for the health care spitelements and they're a collective arrogance on the part of congresswoman pelosi when 50% of northwestern people are saying, please, do something about this. >> she is not alone. there are knock of prominent
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democrats, we don't have a spending problem, we have a healthcare problem, and get everything under control. so you can be in denial a long time before you're starting to say it's more than a river in egypt. >> it's true but at it ultimately an arrogance saying we're the united states of america. we're never going to default, and it becomes ingrained the fabric of our country, so the people start accepting we're just going to keep spending-keep the government services going, the support programs going, and somebody else down the line can figure out how to pay for it. that's not how the imf or world bank ceases us, now how our foreign creditors see us and we have to have the collective consciousness and not ignorance that we have to do something about this problem, and keep pretending it doesn't exist does not serve anybody. >> now to a democrat who has had enough and urges the president to use caution and not lightly dismiss what is happening. senator, do you think we have a
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spending problem? >> i think we have not only a spending problem, we have a revenue problem. they're both right and wrong. if you're basing it off ogdp, revenue to gdp is as low as it's been for five or six decades. speeching is as high as it's ever been for the five or six decades. what we got figure out is working with each other, democrats and republicans, by putting our country first, if we're going to have new revenue without raising tacks bus closing loopholes, growing this economy, then the revenue should go towards paying down debt. with agree as democrats and republicans, any new dollar of revenue, 70% will go to paying down the debt and the other 30-cents would go toward frustration. it's something we can agree on. >> do you think your party could agree to that, 70 to 30? >> i would hope so. >> i don't think so senator. i don't see anything in your party's history that hints at that. >> well, we need to try.
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i've been talking about friends on the other aisle, my republican friends, and saying if we can get a group together and the revenue comes from closing loopholes and a few more dollars coming in, could we agree on how it's being spent in people that have means say we don't mind giving more to the government if they would spend it the right way. the other thing is we have to control our spending. there's two things government can do, neil. they can spend your money or invest it. we have done a poor job of investing but gangbusters on spending. >> you're right. both parties are to blame. this is a pox on both houses. having said that, your party dominates the white house. your party dominates the senate, and it's your party that will need the responsibility to get serious about this in the brief window we have to get serious about it. do you have any indication from the more liberal members you talk to that they are? >> well, if you talk to those on
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the far left or the far right, they're pretty much entrenched. i just hope there's enough of news the middle that can put our country first. that's why i'm a member of no labels. myself and john huntsman, a national chair porn for this, it's problem solvers, bringing a venue to where people can sit down and talk of differences and find solutions, do problem solving. we have to do more of that and i'm talking -- i'm not giving up. this is a great country, the greatest country on earth. it's been go to me and my family and i want to make sure the next generation, my children and grandchildren, have the same opportunities. if we keep spending at these levels they won't. >> governor huntsman will be on my show tonight to explore this in greater detail. the no label approach. but do you think we're missing an opportunity that by next year at this time, knee deep in planning for the mid-term election and everyone focused on the next approximatelyat
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election -- i can't believe that -- we're going to miss an opportunity to get this under control and we'll be trims more in debt. >> neil i have been from day one, since i arrived here, been totally committed in support thing bowls simpson approach. we put esequesterring in place as a penalty against thought. no one thought it would good into effect because we thought for sure we would come into agreement. now they're saying we can't take sequester serious. the bottom line is that sequester is serious. >> youyou guys changed the rule. >> i'm not changing the rules. i'm not changing the rules. >> well -- >> i'm hearing both sites on the sequester. >> i hear you. >> what i think they should do is fishing out a -- figure out a way to get some flexibility so it's not as severe use you might be right. i'm trying to come up with superhero solutions. seriously, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me.
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>> meantime, coincidence? we think not. these sports illustrated swim suit models cheering, they heard out not only i'm back but i'll be covering the president's state of the union address, and they were tickled. what it kicked off at 8:00. then at 9:00 the president delivers the state of the union speech, we'll get reaction from political leaders, and market reaction from around the world. the only place to get it in one shot, one place, one network. >> meanwhile, this just in. another sandy dandy. after the hit from mother nature, now the next hit from -- well, these mothers. after patting themselves on the back why are these guys once again, once again, kicking sandy victims in the you know what. meet the doc behind this dynamic you you make a billion -- we got
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to get rid of the loopholes. now, some people say, that's not fair. because it doesn't hurt the guys who makes 10 billion does as much as the die -- where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in the pot. we don't need to hurt him. >> well, he said that in front of the president of the united states. find out why into many are saying, you know, this guy, he has to run for president of the united states. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.
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>> first the sandy hit, and now the tax man hit. the new york city officials hiking the property values for some homes actually hit by sandy, some by ten office thousands of dollars. that means higher taxes. home owners getting hit with the higher bills calling it heartless.
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dan has some other names. how did his happen? >> a convoluted and arcane system in new york city. they allow a cap of 6% per year of increases, but they bank the rest of it. so even in years when there are decreases, unless you caught up to what they consider market value, they're still allowed to tack it on and they did, despite the fact that almost every elected official says this is not the year to do these assessment increases. in fact there's a bill which would prevent this sort of tax hike on property -- >> these are done every year. >> absolutely. every year, without fail. >> so people would have come to the conclusion last fall there was a bad hurricane and maybe this would not be the year to do that. >> maybe october, of this year they would have figured out -- >> they knew the end result be a lot of staten islanders and others would look for high are property tax bills, some on property they don't have knee.
4:16 pm
>> not just staten island. the rockaways, breezy point. complete wipeout. 120 homes. >> didn't they think that through before they sent the mailings out? >> the department of finance dunce think a lot of things through. they're on a revenue kick and city city has to spend $72 billion on the next budget and has to find a way to have that money. this is one way the city is able continue crease its spending each year. >> who polices just that? when those mailings go out, councilman, does anyone say that doesn't look good? >> we'll have hearings about the budget. but this is one more. look at the return address for the tax bills? it's in new jersey. the city of new york outsources the collection of tax revenue to a place in new jersey, and the water bills to a place in pennsylvania. so we can't even afford to do
4:17 pm
business of collecting taxes inside new york. >> but legally, are residents still required to pay these higher taxes. >> they are unless they grieve the process but that expiration date its february 15th. you have to have your grievance in by february 15th or won't be considered. >> so you're unable to pay the packses you have net another problem with the tax man on top of everything else. >> we put forward lean sales. so if there's a sufficient amount of money on your property taxes or water and sure bills the city can come after you. >> why doesn't mayor bloomberg say this is stupid, we made a mistake, i can't believe this. but this is dumb. >> look, the mayor has done a lot of things for hurricane sandy victims and advocating in washington. it's time to turn his focus on his own administration and saying, hey, did you pay attention to what i did? maybe we should do the same thing in our own backyard.
4:18 pm
>> councilman, thank you very meche. the department of finances told us the evaluation of properties affected by hurricane sandy is ongoing and the final assessment will be published in late may. doesn't take away the argument that tease assessments are higher and will mean higher taxes. a day after an act of god that could -- look what mommy is having.
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mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is.
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not so heavenly news from space with love. an asteroid roughly half the size of a football field is set to hug the earth on friday, the day after valentine, this could be your excuse to say iing for get to. you may not be able to see the massive flying object as it
4:22 pm
whizs by but you'll know when it's close because your cell phone might not work, and a lot of other things. jennifer keeps an eye on all things tech. this could have an impact if there's anything? >> that's exactly right. so, there are a lot of various telecommunication satellites out in the netherlands out there but -- >> they're all circling the earth, 22,000 miles out. this thing gets within 17,000 miles. >> is could brush up against one. if it does -- >> or knock it out. >> right. there could be a power surge. you just don't know what kind of impact that will have on our telecommunications. >> what if it's just one satellite, sprint satellite. >> you might dodge a bullet but whatever it your emergency services in your town relies on some sort of communication. so it's not just your particular cell service. it could be your tv satellite service what calm d, whoa, whoa,
4:23 pm
you hit home. >> there are only 14 major tv satellites out there. >> nielsen will measure the sets. >> you mentioned -- if the ratings take a nose dive, it's the asteroid's fault. >> these satellites could by affected. >> it's not really a question of if. it is a question of when. we are all completely reliant on this sort of telecommunications infrastructure that exists in a place that we don't have a lot of control. so if it's not the asteroid it could be a superstorm -- >> a flare like that one. >> power surges. >> a far greater danger. >> that's not a matter of, hey, that might happen. that will happen, likely within the next 50 years, and that is
4:24 pm
going to cause major disruptions in our communications grid. power surges, anything that could wipe out all your pictures, all the family photos that exist only on your computer hard drive, those could be gone within an instant. so at it reminder to back up. most people know they should back up -- >> if you back it up to a drive that might be one of the satellites, you're still -- >> it doesn't work that way. you're that backing up -- >> can you go over that again, the grid around the earth? i wouldn't like if one of them was a cnn satellite. >> you could put a giant target and just hope that it gets closer to that one. but if one of the 14 gps satellites were knocked out -- >> well, we have to worry but not too worried. >> no. back up to the hard drive or the cloud, and by a fluke. just a few years ago we didn't have the technology to see this.
4:25 pm
how close have we come in not even known? sometimes ignorance really is bliss. >> thank you very, very much. in the meantime, pay more, get less. feeling sick, getting sicker. the reality of the affordable healthcare act. it ain't affordable and the doctor all but told the president to his face, he his greatest healthcare initiative is an act. nnouncer) at scottradr clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine.
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i think particularly about ancients very powerful, nobody could challenge them militarily. what happened to them? they destroyed themselves from within. moral decay. fiscal irresponsibility. they destroyed themselves. and if you don't think that can happen to america, you get out your books and you start reading. >> that guy lighted up the airwaves. before the shock doc, the shock out of california that is taking the signatures -- they don't have enough doctors to handle the new health care law so state lawmakers are scrambling to get physicians assistants and nurse practitioners the authority to treat patients themselves under the new healthcare law. >> the not so fine print, they need someone to do this and there are not enough doctors to do this. >> this is very dangerous. the president promised you can
4:30 pm
keep your doctor, and and now you may not see a doctor. this dumbing down of medical care will create more deaths from diseases that could be treated effectively if they were diagnosed early and correctly. there is a rope that medical students go to school for four years after college to study chemistry, biology, neurology. nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, can do routine routine proceeds but they don't have the ability to diagnosis. that's dangerous. >> there's some dispute where l these folks are the ones who i would diagnosis. a lot of the tests, the doctors decide. >> there's a big push to enable nurse practitioners to actually admit patients to a hospital, diagnosis them, treat them, and discharge them, and they won't see a doctor, and it's not just california, neil. the department of health and human services announced last
4:31 pm
week, an initiative to override state laws that limit what nonphysicians can do. >> and you're going to hear more of this. >> absolutely. and by the way, this is tried under the clinton plan many years before, and we know from the research that a patient alone in an operating room with a nurse a nose the 'tis -- anesthesiaist. >> thank you very much. the doctor who didn't have a problem slamming healthcare spending, just feet from the president of the united states. >> we've spent a lot of money on health care. twice as much per capita as anybody necessary the world and yet not very efficient. >> dr. ben carson is the direct oroff pediatric surgery in john hopkins. what did the president say to you after your remarks? >> he came over to me and said,
4:32 pm
i appreciated my speech and he admired me and took my hand and didn't squeeze too hard. >> what do you mean? one of this fishy hand shakes? >> it was a good handshake. >> many of your critics on the liberal side said you were trying to show boat for an occasion, a number of democratic legislators who said as much. you argue not so. >> no. what we need to do is we need to be able to discuss intelligent ways of solving the multitude problem that threatens to destroy our nation, and there are a group of people who would like to silence everybody and have everybody go along to get along, but that's not going to be very helpful for news the long run in terms of -- for us in the long run in terms of the long run. so somebody has to be courageous enough to stand up to the bullies.
4:33 pm
>> i think one thing that you stand out, you are not a fire breather, your an accomplished, well-respected, internationally renowned doctors and one of the most prestigious departments in the prestigious school of medicine. why did you take it to go beyond medical policy and talk about tax policy. >> one of the things i also said during the speech, there will be some people who will say, but you're a doctor and you're a surgeon. you should be sticking to that. and i mentioned the fact that five physicians signed a declaration of independence, and were involved in the faming of the constitution, and the bill of rights and several other things. there's absolutely no reason at all that physicians, scientists, shouldn't be involved in things that affect all of us. we're people who have learned how to make decisions based on facts, empirical data, rather
4:34 pm
than on ideology, and one of the geniuses, one of the real things that made us a great nation, is that we brought people from all backgrounds into the legislative process. so all of us would be able to place our interests there and we have gone significantlyway from that in no one ever says to a lawyer, why are you getting involved in this and that and the other. i don't see why they would say it to a physician win you have more education than anyone necessary society. >> they sometimes say that about tv anchors. i don't know what it is. i want to focus on the reaction from the president as you were making your remarks. did you know or did you suspect what you were saying was going -- as we're watching this. >> well, there's no question that he has advocated basically a policy of tax the rich. some i have advocated a policy that comes from the bible, which
4:35 pm
is a very fair policy of proportional taxation. if it was good enough for god, why wouldn't it by good enough for us. the minute you deviate away from that you get into all kinds of biases, and one could legitimately make the argument that the rich pay too many taxes. the top 1% pays 3% -- 37% and the top five, 59% of the tax but they don't make that much income. one could make that argument. depends on your position but you the proportional tax. >> when the president came up with the healthcare initiative, legislation, and now law, he argued that many, many doctors support evidence this and they overwhelming majority that he contacted and dealt with and discussed it with, supported it. what do you think of that? you obviously know the medical profession better than myself or
4:36 pm
certainly the president. i mean, how would you gauge reaction among your fellow doctors? >> i know a lot of doctors. i work with a lot of doctors, and i didn't find a lot of support for it. i find a lot of people who were really quite disappointed. >> what bothers them? what is it that caused them the greatest concern. >> first of all, it's an expansion of the boy. -- of the bureaucracy. you need a patient and a doctor. long comes the middleman to facililitate the relationship ad it has become this mammoth creature that completely controls everything. and isn't really even necessary. >> you know, when a guy has a bigger issue of this sort of class ware far, for lack of a bert -- better term, we focused on just his reaction as you were talking about this, and i want you to focus on this, and then
4:37 pm
react to it. i know you can't see it, believe, from your vantage point. but our viewers can gauge his not too pleasant reaction. >> you make $10 billion? you put in a billion you. make ten dollars? you put in one. you got to get rid of the loopholes. but -- now, some people say, well, that's not fair. because it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made -- where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in the pot. we don't need to hurt him. >> i got the feeling looking at that, that figured, who got this guy on the dais? leaving that aside, obviously got quite a round of applause there. some in that room and elsewhere since this video has gone viral, who have said, you should run for president. what did you think of that?
4:38 pm
>> well, actually, i've had people telling me that for many years now. if i had a nickel for everybody who told me that i could finances -- fan a -- finance a campaign. >> you're action to that, you don't think that's for you? you want to be a doctor and help people or what? >> i've always said if god grabs me by the collar and sticks me in that arena, that's the only way i'll do it. but, no, actually going to retire in june. from surgery. i will still teach and be involved, but i'm going to retire from surgery. so it does open up a lot of possibilities for me. i'm very focused on education, and getting the populace back to where it used to be back in 1831 because an uneducated populace will fall for anything, and if you go and talk to most people,
4:39 pm
they mean well but they don't have much of a breath of education, knowledge, understand what the issues are, and therefore they listen to pundits on television who tell them what they're supposed to think, and they keep repeating that and pretty soon they say, that must be true. >> i assume you're talking about other pundits, doctors, but i hear what you're saying. sir, thank you very much. that was very interesting to watch that whole thing, how that all played out. >> thank you. >> in he meantime, you really think that way too thin rock stars get all the awards? fat chance. when a little meat on the bones means more than a few grammys on the shelf. ♪
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>> the grammy goes to -- >> adele. >> the grammy goes to -- i won't sing it. don't worry. stronger. kelly clarkson. >> well, adele and kelly clarkson cleaning up. now critics are saying they need to slim down and their current weight is nothing to idolize. is that criticism fair? she says yes, it is. you were saying you take nothing away from either woman's body or talent, but what stuck in your craw? >> well, these women are obviously disciplined and hard working. they both came from low means and now they were accepting grammys last night. the highest honor in the music industry. >> adele cleaned up last year. >> they are beautifulwoman and i'm not disputing that. but if they walked into my office and said i'd like to lose ten to 20-pounds i wouldn't say, no, you're at a healthy weight.
4:44 pm
>> you are say that in the skin they're in now, they're too fat. >> well, we measure fat in this country -- if you walk into a for's office he would take your body mass index, and anything above 25 would be considered overweight and unhealthy and at risk for certain health conditions like diabetes and high bloop -- blood pressure. and i'm saying, have they addressed these issues in our life? >> adele just had a baby. >> she did, and like so many women, struggle with their weight. >> you're judging them on their appearance. >> i'm absolutely not judging them on their appearance. >> you're very thin and you can make the argument you're almost too thin. >> well, listen, everybody has a different profile. so this is a tough issue because -- we have ideals -- we have all these ideals we have oh
4:45 pm
look like the models that rang the bell. >> you put that in young women in this country and said you have to look like this,, or you're not cutting it, and you see adele, and it's the modern day mama cass, and -- >> year also a nation of -- we have processed food and we're always struggling with -- and people are saying, looking at adele and saying, look at what she has accomplished. i could be overweight like her. i don't need to address these issues in my life. and what i'm saying is adele is a beautiful woman and isso is kelly clarkson, and they -- >> but it bugs you at some level that these fatter than normal women are getting these accolades. it bugs you. >> doesn't bug me at all. i actually admire the hard work and discipline they put into their -- what i'm saying -- >> the governor of new jersey,
4:46 pm
overweight white male -- what is wrong with people who are fatter. you have to be a certain look -- >> i think that these celebrities have so much power and they can also influence -- >> then people get sick and die young. >> absolutely. there's extremes on that end, too. >> so when governor chris christie says he's one of the fit acephate people -- >> like to see his blood glucose levels. >> what if it's fine. >> we don't have a kris cal ball. >> don't have one for me either. >> this is true, but when people walk into my office and say i'm not happy where i want to be, and i want to be this ideal weight because whatever my -- >> you don't say that, if a fat person comes in, waddle out. >> i say, it's a hard road and much discipline, you work hard with where you are so if you said i want to lose ten pounds i
4:47 pm
would say it's going to take just as much hard work and discipline you have exhibited in your career, to address these food issues. so one thing they could be a role model. and adele just did have a baby and she had surgery, i believe, on her throat, and it's -- >> my whole thing is the thyroid. >> well, yeah. excuses -- >> that's fine. thank you very-very much. i was hoping she could come on here -- >> no. >> it's hard work, though. it's hard work. >> tell me about it. >> it's not -- that's my point. >> when we come back, he is ready to double-down, so why are so many of us fed up when clueless could turn into tomorrow night?
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well, let's cut to the chase and just cut. americans are getting steamed at their polls, especially those politicians who are doing nothing about spending they say is out of control. what will they say about the president who is going to double-down on this? >> looking at different polls. >> doesn't care about the polls. what you're going to hear is a xerox copy of previous "state of the union" addresses. he'll talk about growing government, bigger government, and more spending. he will not change his tune. he doesn't believe we have a spending problem. he sees no urgency in terms of reigning in the debt, nor does nancy pelosi who says she doesn't think we have a spending problem, either. so when you have the top democrats in at the country believing that, stating it publicly, you're not going to get anything.
4:52 pm
>> i think that he is going to -- he will do -- he is going to dress up the economy because he has to because didn't mention the economy much less the debt in the inaugural, and now the polls show that people care about the economy. it's in the doghouse. so he's going to double-down -- >> there are sayreous polls that come out -- >> neither side really has the answer for this. i mean. >> why isn't that -- >> remember, last week or the week before when we had the sandy bill, which should have been just an emergency bill for, it as a load down with pork that congress, both sides of the aisle, wipe out whatever additional revenues were coming in from the tax increase. they cannot stop themselves.
4:53 pm
>> the fiscal cliff. giveaways up and down the line, every interest group. who votes for it? the white house, biden demands to be in there re run republics go along as they always do, mitch m-connell and john boehner always flop at the last minute. so there's no spending cuts. and now we're going to have more revenues. it is really -- >> tomorrow is an opportunity for the president to really -- time is i wasting when you think about -- rouse obviously not going to spend it on this. >> nor does he want to. that question assumes that -- >> that he is interest -- >> in cutting spending. quite the opt he has done -- >> the people i talk to at the white house, the landscapers and the bakers, what do they make? they think they can grow out of and it improve the markets are going to do -- >> he done have a strategy for
4:54 pm
growing the economy. he has a strategy for growing government. >> cent. >> which is the good that government will make it happen. >> you don't buy that and you don't buy that. >> -- i have to -- >> calm down. i'm sorry. can we see the monitor? >> yell at somebody else. yell at hannity. are you okay with it? >> are you mad at anyone? >> i'm mat at our entire -- >> can we show the supermodels again, pam? no? >> i don't want either of you back here again. by the way, these supermodels came back and -- the very day i come back, you top that. we'll have a lot more. >> they cake bam for hi. hi.
4:55 pm
i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. . 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels...
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>> neil: finally, just when you thought we survived the mayan end of the world close call, news on friday we might
4:58 pm
not be able to make a call. it's true. asteroid will come that close. not close enough to hit the earth but at 70,200 miles, the 150-feet piece of rock they are calling 2012va-14, don't ask, will be close enough to hit any of 100 television communication and weather satellites circling the earth. it's anyone's guess how many will see services disrupted but most would prefer that than seeing the lives disrupted; i.e., ended. lick this thing hitting the earth. or similar size meet yore did that over a remote region of siberia in 1908. it atlantaed over 830 square miles and the same meteor hit london we would have had no london. we were lucky then. we should be lucky now. some call -- [ inaudible ] but if memory serves me right, dinosaurs were not so lucky.
4:59 pm
forget losing data. the dinosaurs lost, well, dinosaurs. here is the killer. they didn't get a warning, which is probably just as well. who needs a text to confirm you're about to be toast? all right. speaking of dinosaurs, they are coming back from extension. why? well, to catch my "state of the union" coverage. it promises to be that good. don't the ladies of strait of "s illustrated" know it? it's my big return. they don't want to miss a second of it. neither should you. we have got so much going on. beginning at 8:00 p.m. we're on the air through 11:00. what do i get with you, neil, that i don't get anywhere else? live market reaction as it's going on. you get the full republican response from marco rubio. you are getting business tita titans to weigh in on the impact it has for you and the hiring plan. you might want to listen up to that. in other words, addedal


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